Age of Tyrants: Beta-Regeln V2 zum Download verfügbar

Nachdem die erste Version der Regeln für das neue Tabletopsystem Age of Tyrants erschienen ist, ist auch schon die Version 2 der Beta-Regeln verfügbar:

Und das ist neu bzw. hat sich geändert:

    Tidy up on names (so hopefully everything should have the correct name)
    Added Artillery companies
    Rewrote the rules on chain of command and army building for clarity
    Removed CR as a stat on all unit profiles. Instead, the army has a CR stat that is shared by all its officers (maybe later we will introduce additional rules for elite officers and crap officers who have +/- 1 relative to the army stat, but not yet)
    Rewrote movement rules. This is a biggie, but we felt it needed to be more granular, and in particular highlight the differences between tracked and wheeled vehicles. This has affected the points cost of vehicles (sorry Col Cash-My-Cheque and Draul)
    Each faction has had one support tank removed and one support artillery added (hopefully the snazzy new vehicles will make up for it guys)
    There are two new special rules–Independent Targeting (for bombardment weapons) and Immobilising non-lethal artillery rounds (they bog down affected bases)

Die neuen Einheitenkarten gibt es hier:

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